Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Boxer Club of Western Australia

The Boxer Club of Western Australia commenced in 1984 when a few "new" exhibitors to the show scene thought it worthwhile to form a Boxer Club in Western Australia Membership in the beginning was very small consisting mainly of exhibitors. However as the years progressed and with the help of many people in promoting the Club it has grown significantly. We can now boast some 30 plus financial members as well as approximately the same amount of complimentary members, being those people who purchase pups from registered breeders who are also members of the Boxer Club, which then entitles them to 12 months free membership to the Club.


After serving 2 years on probation the Boxer Club of Western Australia was affiliated to the Canine Association of Western Australia in 1986 thus enabling us to be able to hold our own Open and Championship Shows for Boxers each year. This was a huge achievement for a Club with only a very small membership at that time. The committee back in 1986, (which consisted of several keen exhibitors, some of whom have since stopped showing boxers and have gone on to smaller breeds, some who have given the show scene away and some who are still keen exhibitors to this day), must be given credit for their efforts in getting the Club to its affiliation stage.


Since 1986 the Club has gone from strength to strength. We have been able to hold our shows each year with an overseas judge officiating at our championship shows on most occasions giving the event the prestige it deserves.

Our Aim

The Committee of The Boxer Club of Western Australia will endeavour to help all Boxer people with their enquires. Our main aim is to promote the health and well being of the Boxer through all aspects of its life

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