Friday, 22 August 2014

The Smooth Fox Terrier: A Hardy, Happy Hunter

In terms of sheer longevity in the public eye, neither Lassie, Rin Tin Tin nor any other celebrated 20th-century dog can compete with this canine icon. Nipper, the ageless RCA Victor mascot and most famous of all Smooth Fox Terriers, first was used as a trademark in 1900 and has seen active duty in the advertising arena ever since. His image has appeared on record labels, advertisements, neckties, brochures, lighters, posters, glassware, postcards, accessories, in three-dimensional form and on many gramophone and phonograph machines.
Nipper was born in 1884 in Bristol, England. After his master died, he was given to artist Francis Barraud. The dog's fascination with the music produced by the cylinder phonograph, and the thought that he might be listening to the machine in hopes of hearing his master's voice, inspired Barraud to paint Nipper in 1895.
The resulting work, "His Master's Voice," was sold by Barraud to the Gramophone Co., Ltd. It was adapted to advertise the company's phonograph, and later, the painting was purchased by the Victor Talking Machine Co., which purchased RCA in 1929.

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