Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Shar Pei

Alert, compact and close-coupled. Square in profile with loose skin and the head is quite large in proportion to the body, however the ears are fairly small. Other features are a large muzzle and a high set tail.

Height is 18 - 20 inches (46 - 51 cm) at the withers. Weight is 45 to 60 pounds. The male is usually larger and more square in body to the female. The height usually equals the length (breast bone to the rump).

Quite large in proportion to the body and covered with wrinkles, giving a frowning impression. The skull is flat and broad.

Dark, small and almond shaped. The dilute coloured dogs may have eyes lighter in colour.

Small, thick and equilaterally triangular in shape. The tips should be slightly rounded and pointing towards the eye. They should also lie flat against the head and close to the skull.

Tongue, gums, flews and roof of the mouth preferred to be a solid bluish black colour. With dilute dogs the pigmentation is a solid lavender in colour. Teeth are strong with a perfect regular scissor bite.
The muzzle is broad and full with the nose large and wide with a preferred dark pigment. With dilute coloured dogs the nose is preferred to be self coloured. Dark pigmented creams may have some light pigment in the centre of the nose or even the entire nose.
The lips and the top of the muzzle are well padded.

The neck is of medium length. It is also full, strong and well set on the shoulders with moderate to heavy folds of skin underneath and also around the throat.
The top-line dips slightly behind the withers, then slightly rises over a short broad loin.
The chest is broad and deep and the back is short and strong.

The shoulders are muscular, laid back and sloping.
The forelegs are straight when viewed from the front and moderately spaced apart, with the elbows close to the body. When viewed from the side they are straight and the pasterns are strong and flexible.
The bone is substantial but not too heavy and is of moderate length.
The feet are moderate in size, compact, firmly set and well knuckled.

Muscular, strong and moderately angulated. The hocks are short, well let down and parallel when viewed from the rear.

Rounded and high set, narrowing to a fine point. To be carried high and curved to either side in a moderate to tight curl.

The coat is quite harsh, straight and off standing from the body, but lying flat on the limbs. The coat ranges from the horse coat (very short) to the longer brush coat. The coat should not exceed 1 inch in length.

The movement at the trot is free, vigorous and balanced, with the feet covering the ground centrally. The gait combines a good forward reach and a strong drive in the hindquarters.

Regal, alert, intelligent, dignified and snobbish. Standoffish with strangers but loyal and devoted to his/her family.

Deviation from a scissor bite, spotted tongue, wavy coat, trimmed coat and a coat longer than 1 inch in length.

Pricked ears, solid pink tongue, absence of a complete tail, albino and those not of a solid colour, i.e.; brindle, partly coloured, spotted or patterned (flowered).

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